M.S. Norweta | Yellowknife, Northwest Territories

M.S. Norweta | Yellowknife, Northwest Territories

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The M.S. Norweta is a one-of-a-kind cruise ship that sails between Fort Providence, Northwest Territories and Inuvik, Northwest Territories several times each summer. It's the easiest way to reach all nine communities along the river. From Great Slave Lake, the Mackenzie River flows 1,800 kilometres to the Arctic Ocean.

Come along for a relaxing ride as the beauty of the Deh Cho (Big River) quietly slips by. Visit local Dene communities along the river and participate in cultural events along the way. You can make each day as relaxing or as exciting as you wish.

A real family atmosphere soon develops as guests, captain and crew dine together and plan each day. Shore excursions and photo expeditions are daily opportunities with the chance to step ashore on beaches where few have gone before.

Historical, archaeological, flora and fauna, wildlife or lunch on shore - whatever the interest - the tour will travel new and ancient sites for everyone on board to experience.

Like any marine adventure, sleeping accommodations are compact but the ship has a large lounge, sundeck, and dining lounge. A combination of the scenic beauty of the north and an abundance of Aboriginal culture and hospitality will ensure the adventure traveler a vacation of a lifetime.

Come along for the experience of a lifetime!